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      Construction Site 建筑工地

      Apologize for any inconvenience caused during building operation 對施工期間帶來的不便表示歉意。

      Danger of death. Keep out. 生命危險,嚴禁入內。

      Danger,building site, keep out 工地危險,禁止入內。

      Danger,evacuation 危險,請走開

      Dangerous structure, this bridge is unsafe 危險結構,該橋不安全。

      Hot work in progress 正在施工

      No persons allowed beyond this point 任何人不許越過此處。

      Safety footwear.穿安全靴

      Safety helmets must be worn on this site 此工地必須戴安全帽。

      Site entrance, dangerous 工地入口,危險

      Slow, site entrance 工地入口請慢行

      This button has been moved for remedial work 該按鈕已卸下拿去修理。

      This is just for construction personnel 僅供施工人員使用。

      This lift is only for construction personal 此電梯僅供施工人員使用。

      This work will be completed by the end of this year. Thank you for your patience during the inevitable disruption 此工程于年底完工,感謝你施工期間的寬容大度。

      We apologize for any inconvenience caused during this works 對施工期間引起的不便表示歉意。

      Working overhead 上面在施工

      本文由蘇州翻譯公司 誠譯通翻譯公司選自同文世紀



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